Your First 10 Minutes

In the first 10 minutes you should find a place to build. Of course you can also ask other players if you can build with them. Building is not possible everywhere. Like at spawn, where you are when you first join, you can’t build. This is because it is a public area. So what you have to do is find a place away from spawn. We don’t offer kits so you have to find your way alone. You can ask other players or staff if they can give you something to eat. Most of the time you will find a friendly person. To find a place you can view the DynMap which shows where you are and where you can go for specific biomes, or you can use the command /rtp which teleports you to a random location. When you’ve found your home, don’t forget to do /sethome <name>. It will save your location and you can always return.

After you have found your place, we wish you a lot of fun on UnityCraft. Maybe you now want to have a look at this page.