What it is:

Mail is a plugin where you can write mails or send items to other players. You can write letters to friends if they are offline, attach items and also request money or another items in exchange.


  • /mail – Display your inbox mail list.
  • /mail outbox – Display your outbox mail list.
  • /mail trash – Check your deleted mails.
  • /mail text <to> <message> – Send simple text message to the specified player.
  • /mail write – Enter to mail creation mode.
  • /mail item – Show the detailed information of item in your hand.
  • /mail trash all – Move all your readed received/sent mails to trash box.
  • /mail help – Show the help menu.

How to Use:

You can enter the mail edit mode by using the “/mail write” command. You can see mail editor GUI in your chat window. You can reopen GUI by “/mail write” command, even if you close your client.


Cash on Delivery:

You can use the C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) feature as trading items between you and your friends.

Sender can request money or item as C.O.D.

If recipient opens mail item box, $30 is sent to sender.

If recipient refuses mail item box, item box is sent back to sender.